06-12-08 - 6

People keep making fucking cords where the cord is attached to the device via its electrical contacts, so if you pull on it the tension is transferred directly to the electrical connection. That's so fucking retarded and trivial to fix. You just need to loop the cord back and afix it to the body of the device so there's slack between the tension point and the electrical contact. This of course is easy for you to do at home and is a good idea when you buy a new device.

Headphones are one of the classic perpetrators of this flaw. That's easy to fix with some electrical tape and you will be happy about it later. Black twist ties work too. In many cases you can also loop the cord back and just make a little knot around the device. My coffee grinder also has this flaw. More annoying, my digital probe thermometer has this flaw, and that's a bit harder to fix. I can't use tape because it has to live in a 500 degree environment.

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