06-11-08 - 2

Montara Beach and Graywhale Cove are pretty sweet, isolated, sandy beach with steep cliffs all around.

I've done a few rides recently, my first of the year. Holy crap! I forgot how good it feels and how much I love it. The sun, the scenery, my body and the machine, the coating of sweat all over me, the hypnotizing rhythm of the pedals, the way the tension bleeds out of me around mile 15 and suddenly I feel fast and smooth. When I get back from a ride I'm actually smiling and cheerful and pleasant; who knew I had it in me !?

my bikely paths . Bikely is pretty fucking god awful in every way, but it seems to be the best we have at the moment. I mean I can't even begin to list the fuckups with it it's so broken.

I guess bikers aren't enough of a community to make a decent biking web site? No, that can't be true. This is a huge Web 2.0 opportunity waiting to happen. It also ties in very well to adds because you can sell bike gear. You have a big forum, review new products, have a map making and route sharing setup, tied into the Web 2.0 so people can review routes and share them with each other, you coordinate groups and group rides, etc. You'd probably get more press profile by tying it into urban biking and gas conservation and commuter advocacy and all that nonsense, though that's a little bit of a tough dance because the serious recreational cyclists and the urban hipster cyclists tend to be antipathetic communities. We could have experts writing articles, but more geared toward beginners and well organized; there's not a single good cycling web site out there that I can point people at. Sheldon Brown of course has great stuff but that site is a mess. There is no great site for routes, just lots of little messes. My theoretical Web 2.0 site could gather people's cycling blogs together too, connect them to the shared route maps, and also have training / progress tracking for fitness.

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