06-10-08 - 3

I think the hubbub about Tibet is rather otherblown. First of all, just because a part of a nation would like to be independent and secede is no reason to support them. Even if their parent nation has laws and policies that are rather onerous to the group that wishes to secede, that's still no reason to support them. There are countless groups around the world that would love to secede. The Kurds in Turkey and Iraq, the Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Indians in Southwestern Mexico, etc. etc. Some of these groups have much better cases than the Tibetans, but it's unclear when the international community should get involved in supporting independence for sub-nations. One reasonable criterion is to support independence when severe human rights violations are being inflicted on the sub-nation by the parent nation. So that's the question in Tibet. The news is a bit hard to parse, because obviously the official Chinese news is garbage, but the Tibetan partisan news is pretty questionable as well, and independent western journalists aren't allowed in the area much. From what I can tell, the human rights violations against the Tibetans are not any worse than what China is doing to the Falung Gong sect, or to anyone who criticizes the government.

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