06-02-08 - 7

Maybe I've stumbled on a new way to be okay with humanity. Think of them as pets. Or maybe trained monkeys. You know all the monkey movies from the 60's where they dressed them up as people and had them do human things, like maybe the monkeys are baking a cake and they're mixing and pour the flour everywhere and then they turn on the mixer and it's a huge flour explosion and the monkeys run around and scream a bunch of "hoo hoo ha ha". When I see all the so-called humans behaving so foolishly, it makes me sad and disgusted, but if I think of them as monkeys I can be amused and delighted that they've even managed to do so well. Look, the monkey has managed to put on clothes and walk down the street; look, the monkey is driving! better watch out and be careful with monkeys all around behind the wheel. When the monkey stops right in the middle of the aisle at Trader Joe's I can think "oh, silly monkey, let me move you over".

I think a lot of men think about women this way, though they may not be fully aware of it or admit it.

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