06-02-08 - 6

Some construction dudes are changing my windows today (finally, the windows here were horrible). They are surprisingly incompetent. The manager came out months ago to measure the old windows to order the new ones. Today they show up and the have a bunch of windows on the truck of various sizes. They don't remember which one goes where. They just start bringing windows in and then realize they don't fit and go into a tizzy. Of course they've already ripped the old ones out and now they have windows scattered everywhere and are going around measuring everything to try to figure out what fits where. How the fuck can you screw up something so easy? I guess when you're billing by the hour and not by the job you lose some motivation to be organized. Serenity now! Change my point of view! Haha, isn't it cute that monkeys are putting in windows! How adorable!

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