06-01-08 - 2

I thought "King of Kong" was really strong for the first 15 minutes or so, just introducing you to these awesome video game nerd characters. They are of course very familiar people to me; they reminded me a lot of the guys at the Amiga parties I used to go to. One of the really endearing things about true nerds is that they are completely oblivious to just how nerdy and outcast they are. The stars like Walter and Billy and Mr. Awesome are just perfect. After that first 15 minutes though it turns into manipulative docu-shlock which is not interesting and pretty tacky.

[semi spoiler alert]

After the movie, around the time it was coming out, Billy finally played in public and retook the record. I have the feeling he had that up his sleeve all along but he didn't want to do it for the movie people. Or he had some master plan to make a really dramatic performance but it somehow went awry.

I also wonder where the Japanese are. It's unbelievable to me that so many old American guys hold the records, and not a bunch of Japanese teenagers.

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