05-29-08 - 1

"Army of Shadows" was magnificent. The tense acting and pacing, you can feel the dedication and sincerity and hard will of the resistance fighters. The cinematography makes the movie, the stark montage, the desolate scenery, lit in cold harsh blue, lots of natural lighting, constant winter.

I do think the stories of the French Resistance are a bit ridiculous in general. The resistance really didn't do much of anything, and the obsession of the French with the resistance is an obvious attempt to glorify the one redeeming aspect of their wartime experience. It would be interesting to have a movie that combines the resistance, the racism of the ordinary French, the plight of the jews in France, the life of collaborators, how the non-collaborators felt about their compatriots, the political maneuvering of DeGaulle to create a myth and manufacture power for himself. Hard story to tell. It would have to be a mini series.

Anyway it got me excited so I pushed up some more French movies in my Netflix queue and made myself a Cassoulet and drank some French red. Bleck French red is so gross. It's fine with food because it's very bland which I guess is the idea.

I'm still convinced that I could make a super-premium wine by blending some cheap wines. I don't really understand why there aren't more cheap blended wines - winemakers could easily do this themselves and balance out the strengths and weaknesses of various bottles. You could easily take something like the Bear's Lair Cab which has nice pepper and tannin, and blend it with the Coppola Syrah which has a nice round mouthfeel and good initial fruit. I'd like to get a little leather and earth in there, maybe I could find a cheap Grenache. I think the Smoking Loon Cab had a decent earthy profile. The only problem is I have to drink 3 bottles worth :( I should get a vacuum resealer.

For some reason people seem to think "thin", "dry", and "minerally" are positive adjectives for wine. I want none of those qualities in my wine.

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