05-26-08 - 3

Damnit, I really want one of the Seattle jobs, but I want to live in SF. And no I don't want to telecommute, I want to be with people in an office. The quandary has sort of paralyzed me.

When faced with really tough decisions where there's no obvious best answer, I tend to just do nothing. I think that's a mistake. There was some dumb fucking shallow article in the NYT recently about a study of soccer goalies, you know how soccer goalies tend to just guess a side and dive, the study found they would make more saves if they didn't guess and just stayed put. The NYT articles tried to extrapolate that to general life decisions, but that's entirely foolish and not analogous. In life when facing a decision with no clear best choice it's usually best to just go ahead and pick one. Doing something is better than doing nothing because at least it moves you in some direction. If nothing else it provides you with powerful psychological benefits : 1. you stop debating that decision and just move on to other thoughts, and feel good that you made a choice, and 2. it puts you in a mind set of rapidly deciding and acting, which gives you momentum for moving forward, whereas not deciding makes you feel static and carries into the rest of your life.

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