05-26-08 - 1

Recent music I've listened to :

"If I were a Carpenter" - nothing good but the Sonic Youth song. And IMO not even the best Sonic Youth cover song; I love "Get into the groove(y)".

"The Presets" - mmm, kind of a more generic clubby sound version of Cut Copy. Just not super great.

Cut Copy's "So Cosmic" mix - mmm, more house/dancey than their stuff normally is, it's nice to have a smooth mix, I definitely could see listening to this for workout music or something like that.

The Album Leaf - Into the Blue Again - meh, I'm kind of over the Album Leaf. I really hate all the songs with singing, they need to really not sing, and too many of the songs are just boring new agey piano shit. Some of the early EP's were nice, it's just hard to listen to because it's so inconsistent.

St. Vincent "Marry Me" - yuck. Lots of layers and complication that leads to nowhere. Compare to someone who does this sound well like Beirut or Sufjan and this is just amateur.

Destroyer - "Your Blues" and "Destroyers Rubies" - mmmm.. I really like his sound and the music, but I just don't like his voice. May have to give this another listen to try again.

Final Fantasy - "Has a good home" - this is the album before "He Poos Clouds" ; not quite as good, but still nice. I kind of wish he wouldn't sign and just do instrumental cuz his voice sucks balls, but the music is so great it's still listenable.

Gomez , Glitch Mob - WTF, why did I get these? ass.

Efterklang - atmospheric, but too glitchy and annoying for background music. Me no likey. I kind of put M83 and Caribou and Hot Chip all in this category too. I just don't know when I would want to listen to this. It's too jarring for background but not energetic enough for foreground.

Ben Watt's "Lazy Dog" - blech, gay house music. I really like Buzzin Fly, but a lot of the Ben Watt CD's are awful.

Heiroglyphics - seems like some pretty sweet old school style rap; reminds me of Jurassic 5.

Simian Mobile Disco - there are a couple really great songs on "ADSR" and a few stinkers; there are also a ton of mix tapes made by these guys available online that are pretty sweet. I don't actually like the way they mix songs together, they tend to put big breaks in between the tracks, it's smooth but not continuous. Still their song selections and remixes are really good. It's sort of dirty electro/dance music.

Hercules and Love Affair - WTF why do people like this? Super gay disco house. I actually like the guy's weird voice but the music is totally uninspired.

Band of Horses - digging this. Emo country rockish. Reminds me a bit of My Morning Jacket.

MGMT "Oracular Spectacular" - hipster operatic rock. Pretty good, I dig it.

VHS or Beta - slightly more punk cousin of MGMT. Also dig it. The songwriting is a little bit retarded over simple and they rely a bit too much on the cool throwback sound ala early 2000's cute boy bands like the Strokes.

Cut Copy - really fun trashy electro. Actually really reminds me of old Depeche Mode.

Peter Bjorn & John - "Writer's Block" - hmmm, I guess I missed this, I listened to Young Folks when it came out of course and just figured they were a one hit wonder and never listened to the rest of the album, but it's actually pretty good.

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