05-21-08 - 2

Yay, I finally did this thing to Chop your numpad off your keyboard . It pretty much went smoothly, some little things :

When I first took the screws out, the keyboard seemed to be stuck together and I couldn't get it apart and was kind of stumped. I was just about to try to force it apart when I noticed the stickers on the back of the keyboard. Yep, there are screws hidden under the stickers. You can find them just by feeling around on the stickers for a spot with no plastic - it's a pit with a screw in it.

When I read that site for some reason I thought that he was tucking the circuit board back in the keyboard. He's not, he's tucking it UNDER the keyboard so it's just exposed to the desktop. That kind of sucks. I tried tucking it back inside, but that's just not possible.

On a related note - the numpad circuit has not been disabled! That circuitry tucked under the keyboard is still live and pressure sensitive! That means if you push on the body of the keyboard along that edge it will push numpad buttons which is seriously whack. I need to get some kind of layer of insulating material between the two layers of circuitry. I'm not sure what would be best, maybe just some paper.

If I was hot shit I would cut that damn exposed circuit sheet off and connect the broken loops.

Also something to be aware of - the feet that hold up the keyboard are in the numpad area. Now I personally hate those flip-up feet that tip the keyboard forward (and they're very bad for you, if anything the keyboard should be tipped BACK not forward), but if you like them you're fucked. The cut also removes the little rubber feet, which means the keyboard is resting right on the folded circuits, and also means the left side that still has the feet is higher than the right. I need to buy some little adhesive rubber feet and put them on both sides to even it out.

I cut my keyboard with my jig saw. It worked fine. Make sure to wear protective eye wear because plastic bits fly everywhere.

I'm considering cutting the outside edge off the numpad and superglueing it to my chopped keyboard so that I get a nice sealed edge. Seems like it would be hard to make the interface good enough. Probably some silicon or something would be better than super glue since the two sides won't mate very well.

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