05-21-08 - 1

All this reading about camping options has given me fantasies of living closer to the Sierra. Maybe some place like Placerville or Grass Valley that's in the foothills so it's warmer. Then you can easily drive up to the mountains any day and camp or hike. You could get a 4x4 and drive the dirt fire roads that nobody ever takes. You can find all the secret camp spots that the tourists don't know and be all alone. You could have your truck loaded with gear all the time so you don't have to pack and unpack, you just hop in and go. Maybe I'd get a dog. And learn to fish. And in the National Forest you don't need to use a campground you can just camp anywhere, so I could really learn super secret spots and remember them on my GPS and find swimming holes on the rivers and carry out my tent.

It would be awesome to do while I'm still young, when I can still move and enjoy it. But then I also need to get back to work while I'm still young. And I can't really work and live at the same time.

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