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Bah. It's impossible to find decent information about camping/hiking. I've been googling and reading books and all the information is fucking shitty. It's too dry factual and too disorganized. What you want is qualitative editorial descriptions of the best places, some idea of what it's actually like there, not shit like "16 sites, piped water". I can get that fucking lame information from the US government web sites, I don't need books full of that shit. Books should have pictures, descriptions of the area, perhaps some info about nearby sights & trails. Books also don't need to list all 500 fucking camp sites in the state, they should just list 100 of the best. Also every site that does raw numeric ratings is lame. The rating should be on different criteria, like "good for RV campers" or "good hiking nearby" or "isolated / scenic".

The "definitive" Stienstra books are not great. The basic factual information I can get online. His editorial information is primarily about the fishing, which seems to be all he cares about, and I could give a rat's ass about how good the fishing is. He also rates highly places which I'm pretty sure I would hate, like places with boat ramps on reservoirs - those tend to be full of noisy douchebags and the camp sites generally don't feel wild at all.

Anyway I've narrowed it down to 4 choices. I'm somewhat limited because my car can't handle rough roads at all and it's still cold up high.

Pi Pi in El Dorado, on the Cosumnes river, near Grizzly Flat.

Moore Creek, on the Mokelumne river, further up the 88, near Salt Springs Reservoir.

South Yuba BLM Camp, on the South Fork of the Yuba River of course, near Nevada City & Malakoff Diggins. Edwards Crossing is a very popular and heavily used swimming hole here.

Fiddle Creek or Indian Valley on the North Yuba River, near Downieville.

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