05-19-08 - 5

I know some of you use an "autoadjuster" screen for your LCD like I do. I have long just had it in my Startup, but that often doesn't work because the monitor will have already done its autoadjust at the log on screen. I thought with Windows XP you couldn't change the log on wallpaper, but of course you can. The trick is to first turn off the "Welcome" screen, so you have a "classic" style log in, then you can change the log in wallpaper thusly .

BTW this is my autoadjuster bmp (zip) . You need to paste that into an image the size of the native resolution of your LCD. You don't want any scaling of the image, the one pixel black and white grid must be preserved.

The autoadjuster image helps your LCD hardware correctly self-adjust when you're driving the LCD with an analog (VGA) signal. Obviously you should be using a digital signal and most of you are now, but some of us are stuck in the shitty past. If you autoadjust without this image up, it won't adjust quite right and if you display the black and white grid, you will see it shimmer, or even worse you may see big lines move through it. If you let it autoadjust with the grid up, you should get a pretty nice crisp image.

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