05-19-08 - 3

The last few days have been a near ideal course of what I like to do with my time - hiking, going to the beach, lying in the sun, listening to new music, lots of great sex, dancing, good food, barbecue, being with a great girl - what more could I want? It's been nice, but today rolls around and those days are in the past and I'm faced with the bleak expanse of hours until bed time just like every other day.

My birthday's coming up soon. I fucking hate birthdays, I wish I didn't have one. They provide a painful annual reminder of how shitty my life is and how I have no friends and couldn't throw a party if my life depended on it. Thanks calendar! I managed to push that pain out of my mind over the last 11 months, lucky for me this mandatory celebration has rolled around once again to bring back this particular sorrow.

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