05-19-08 - 1

I've never really been camping in the Sierra much. I've been to like Yosemite and Sequioa and King's Canyon, but apparently there's tons of great rustic camping out in the national forests. I guess it's a bit cold still in the high Sierra, the good time is more like July-August.

One of the prime areas I've spotted is just north of Truckee, around the 89-49 intersection. Apparently off "Gold Lake Hwy" there's tons of rustic camping if you have a 4x4, because lots of spots are accessible only on very rough dirt roads. A bit south of there Faucherie Lake looks amazing. Below Tahoe along the 88 is supposed to be good too, around the Shealor Lakes. I guess most of this is Emmigrant Wilderness and Tahoe National Forest, and then below that is Stanislaus National Forest.

I think we're gonna go camp this week, maybe somewhere around there but in the lower Sierra where it will be a bit warmer.

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