05-17-08 - 2

We've had a sick heat wave recently. Of course no one has AC so the city's been going a bit nuts. Thursday we went to Ocean beach. Meh, Ocean Beach kind of sucks. I don't recommend it to anyone. Friday we went to East Beach. East Beach is right off Crissy Field, and while of course it's no LA beach and the water is freezing, it is actually an amazing place. It's on the bay side, facing Marin, so you have perfect views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Palace of Fine Arts (aka the Exploratorium), and back to the city. It's lovely just lying in the nice sand there and listening to the gentle bay waves and checking out the view - it's one of the few beaches in SF that's actually worth going to, because it has what SF is actually good for. Unfortunately, hot clear days are pretty rare over in that part of the city.

Friday night was boiling hot in my apartment so we went out and sat in Dolores park; it was still toasty, and we admired that great night time view of the city from "Dolores Beach". There were a ton of people in the park, lots drinking and hanging out, probably a few hundred people all trying to get out of the heat. Around 11 or something a whole bunch of cop cars showed up and chased everyone out of the park. The big mass of hipsters down below put up some resistance to the police but eventually got chased off too.

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