05-15-08 - 2

Garam Masala is one of those magic spices you can stick in anything and it makes it more interesting. For example, spiced nuts : cinammon, chile powder, salt, sugar, garam masala!

I'm not totally happy with my spiced nuts method. It's basically roast nuts, heat 2 tbsp sugar + water in a pan until liquid, toss in nuts and quickly coat, toss on spices. That works fine but I don't like how sugary they are, but if you use less sugar it's not enough to coat evenly and the spice doesn't stick evenly.

There are alternative methods. One is the egg white coating method to get stuff to stick. That sounds weird and gross. Another is the butter coating method. I think that kind of makes your nuts taste like chex mix (and every girl knows you don't want your nuts to taste like chex mix).

Perhaps I could use a bit less sugar and add some butter to make a sort of very thin light caramel and use that.

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