05-11-08 - 3

It's sort of funny in groups of old friends how everyone gets totally stereotyped. There's some guy who's "always" doing his thing X. Another guy is the expert on Y, any time topic Y comes up everyone is like "oh ask that guy", or any time you make small talk with him you talk about Y. Another guy always makes his famous stuffed peppers; have you had guy's stuffed peppers? oh hey we're having a dinner party ask guy to bring his stuffed peppers.

The funny thing is that these stereotypes have nothing to do with reality, and everyone keeps up the illusion to make each other feel better. That guy's stuffed peppers might actually suck, and he might be really sick of making them all the time, and nobody really wants them, but everyone keep up the charade because it's the group dynamic and it makes everyone feel valuable, like they have a special skill and they're contributing.

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