05-08-08 - 5

Bungie really has their shit together. I was super impressed with just about every aspect. It's pretty inspiring to think about being surrounded by some of the most talented people in the world in every aspect of game creation, people who are super smart and super dedicated and top experts in their discipline. It sort of gave me the feeling I had at Caltech, where everyone around is kicking so much ass you feel like you really have to step it up to be on the same level.

Their basic philosophy of game development is very appealing to me. They're devoted to making a "simulation" that responds consistently and logically; the user only has a few ways to interact with the world so that you aren't creating tons of canned interactions, rather the way you can poke the world always works and leads to lots of interesting scenarios because the systems all work together. Their game design also seems to be very logical, in the sense that they have certain feelings and types of play they want to create and they find the game systems that lead the user to experiencing those things.

On the other hand, WTF is up with the music in the Halo games!?

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