05-08-08 - 4

Women really suck. I was listening to NPR and some local female comedian comes on and starts whining about how "comedy clubs never book women, why aren't women comedians getting the big specials, you only see male comedians, blah blah". Wanna know why? Because you fucking suck! You're not funny. If you were funny you would get booked. There are a small handful of female comedians that are decent, but the rest are stuck in "Cathy" territory with material based on their period or "men are so lame" or "na uh don't go there".

A few days ago I saw this video of Girls doing Parkour . WTF? They're doing the easiest beginner moves and their flow sucks.

I don't believe that girls genetically inherently suck, which means they *choose* to suck, which is actually worse. If they were somehow genetically inferior and doing the best that they could, that would be respectable, but they are in fact not limitted and just suck because they aren't trying, or something. Perhaps some of it is because they're coddled and told they're awesome when they in fact suck.

Now don't fly off the handle. Of course I'm not talking about every single woman, I'm talking women in general. If you just tried to disprove my general point using specific counter examples, I'm guessing you're probably a woman.

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