04-26-08 - 3

I'm stuck on the gaijin sushi items. I love my salmon, yellow tail, tuna (many types), eel, and don't really appreciate anything else. I did convert to the minimal-soy dogma a little while ago, I do want to actually taste the fish. I'm not too bothered that I don't really like octopus or uni or some of the weirder stuff like geoduck clam or whatever, but I should at least like mackerel and halibut and that kind of stuff and I just don't. Actually I like raw white fish much better as crudo (Italian raw fish).

I wish more Japanese places had real natural soy sauce & fresh wasabe. The shit they serve is kind of like a breakfast place putting Aunt Jemima on the table (= Kikkoman Soy), and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (= tube Wasabe). I think about the Seinfeld where Jerry sneaks in his own maple syrup. I imagine getting my own fresh wasabe root and smuggling it inside my pants, then I take a rasp out of my coat pocket, poke the wasabe out through my fly, hold my plate down at my crotch and grate off a bit.

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