04-20-08 - 1

Bleck. Grass fed beef sucks so bad. It's dry and grainy, and has some weird flavor sort of like your grandma's burned salsbury steak. I just spent some small fortune at Bi Rite on some shitty ass beef just because I don't really have any other nearby grocer options (I love the jive-ass meximarts in general but their steak is pretty poor). The steaks from cows that are stuffed with corn and not allowed to move around much is so much better, such as the Harris ranch stuff. (people think Harris ranch is fancy; lol; they have huge cow pens right next to the freeway out in the central valley with masses of cows jammed together standing in their own poo and chomping on troughs of grain; it's delicious).

Some of the better places now are grass feeding early and then stuffing with corn to "finish" before slaughter. Maybe that would work. I think wild Salmon is similarly shitty, the flavor is nice but it's so dry and dense compared to the lovely light tender farmed stuff.

It's basically trivial to spend a lot of money and produce good food; certainly plenty of people fail to do that, but it requires gross incompetence to screw up. Spending little money and producing delicious food takes care and skill. Of course it also takes a lot of skill to spend lots of money and produce truly superlative food, but very few people in the world ever accomplish that. Even their fanciest creations rarely surpass a good piece of buttered bread.

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