04-18-08 - 2

I hate you all so much. You people are not only banal and boring and bland and boorish and bourgeois, you're proactively evil, you make the world worse every day in every way. The most uncreative uninteresting unthoughtful people roll their eyes and whine about how uncool things are. The people with the least to say and never any insight are the loudest and dominate every conversation. The most selfish and uncaring and uncurteous people chew me out for doing things that are totally reasonable. The most uncultured and unintelligent are pretentious and condescending and act superior.

I'm so angry at my fucking human biology which makes me need the company of other humans. I wish I could just go away and live in the woods and commune with the squirrels and be happy, but I can't. My own cells betray me. They force me to seek the approval of these fucking walking turds. My own cells that I care for so well, they force me to feel like a loser if I don't fit in with these slags.

I guess I'm having a bad day. I'm kind of depressed, and in a somewhat amusing feedback loop, it really depresses me when I get depressed. If I was the strong uberman that I think I should be, I wouldn't let myself get depressed, so feeling depressed is a fucking failure, it's being weak, it's giving in to wallowing in teenage woes, and I'm such a fucking loser for doing that, which of course just makes me more depressed.

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