04-14-08 - 5

I've done almost every day hike that's reasonably accessible from SF. I don't really mind repeating, there are some really nice ones I'd be happy to do again, but I have a problem. The first time I did most of them was with Dan, and whenever I go back it still makes me think of her. I don't like doing things that I did before with someone like that, I'd rather build new fresh memories, but my hiking options are running slim. There's also huge advantages to doing things you've done before - you're an expert at it, and you know what's good. I'm always trying to take people new places, and it leads to a lot of mistakes because doing new things is risky and often it sucks. If I was willing to repeat I could create more magic moments.

There's a whole new kingdom of hiking if I consider going as far as Mendocino or Auburn/Grass Valley , but those are mighty far for day hiking.

The only things I haven't done here are the short Alamere falls hiking in Reyes, and I haven't actually been to the top of Diablo, though I've been around it. I also haven't been to Sunol/Ohlone so that's something to do.

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