04-14-08 - 3

I got lazy about finding new music in the last few years. Of course part of the reason I was so vigilant in trying to find cool new undiscovered music in the past was to impress girls. Yes I also liked the music, but anyone who doesn't admit it's to impress others is foolish. It's to show that you're cool enough, when hipster indie music lover people meet someone, one of the first things they do is look at their music collection (or I guess now it's their iPod playlist) and judge them based on it. If you don't have enough rare little known hip stuff in common you don't qualify. Anyway, with Dan I stopped looking. I have enough great music that I can listen to whatever from my 1000+ CD's and find something to fit my mood and not get bored of it.

Anyway, that's changed now, and Alissa introduced me to the Junior Boys. Who knew that my love of offbeat indie music and my love of electronic dance music could be combined? They're pretty rad.

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