04-14-08 - 2

Nobody really appreciates hedging. When I'm not sure about something or I feel like I might wind up changing my mind at some point, I don't feel like I can just commit without qualification, so I'm cautious, send some mixed signals, and hedge my words. I figure that's a favor to everyone else involved so that they know what they're getting into. But people don't respond logically to hedging. It makes them super cautious, way more so than they should be, or it just annoys them and they don't see it as anything more than weakness or lameness. People generally much prefer it if you commit without hedging regardless of whether you really feel that way or not, then go ahead and change your path with equal conviction somewhere down the road if necessary. This is true in relationships and in business. If you look at the beloved figures of history and fiction, like G.W. Bush or Captain James T. Kirk they are always the brash macho guys who commit 100% and believe that what they are doing at the moment is right and never hedge.

On a related note, even "hedge funds" these days don't actually hedge. LOL.

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