04-09-08 - 1

Fucking hell, there are some really ideal jobs for me in Seattle. I would like to stay here, I like SF, but work is important, it's 50 hours of your life each week, and doing good work with good people is a huge part of happiness. Friends and clubs and everything that I've found here I could find again anywhere in theory.

In general in human decision making processes, adding another type of factor to the decision make it almost unsolvable. If you're just looking at {job} you can give values to your choice and pick the best. When you start trying to make a decision on {job,location} you suddenly have a metadecision - how to weight the two factors. The problem is they're in different units, so there's no absolutely correct way to combine them to make a single rating, it's totally arbitrary and you just have to "feel" how you want to want the two factors, which leads to dead end logic and circular reasoning and general failures to make a decent decision.

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