04-02-08 - 5

Great movies that are a little bit off the radar so you may have missed :

  • Mifune ("Mifunes sidste sang") - perhaps the most accessible and lightest good Dogme movie.

  • Edi - gorgeous sweet sad movie about two Polish scrap collectors.

  • Baran - sweeping raw movie about poverty and society for Afghan immigrants in Iran

  • Border Cafe / Transit Cafe - another slice of life from Iran, more upbeat / hollywoody

  • Tsotsi - South African slum/crime drama ; pretty well known I guess, but worth seeing, not amazing

  • El Bola - pretty standard child abuse shlock, but very well acted and avoids going too cheesy, and it really resonates and sticks with you.

  • Police Beat - awesomely bizarre American movie about an african cop in Seattle. Not a great movie in a normal sense, but if you enjoy novelty and experimentation with the form, this is brilliant.

  • Gozu - surreal/bizarre Miike film (Miike = Japanese David Lynch + ultraviolence), manages to be grounded in real characters and doesn't fly away into pure abstraction like recent Lynch disasters.

  • The Eel / Village of Dreams / Nobody Knows - three unrelated little Japanese movies, all pretty quiet and simple, but touching

  • Last Life in the Universe - the Thai version of Sonatine

And I also have to mention Emir Kusturica and Takeshi Kitano. If you haven't seen their core body of work, they are absolute must sees; I always think of them as pretty mainstream and well known, but it shocks me to find how many film buffs haven't seen any of their movies.

The core Emir Kusturica set is "Time of the Gypsies" , "Underground" and "When Father was Away on Business".

The core Takeshi Kitano set is "Hana Bi", "Sonatine" and "Kikujiro".

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