04-02-08 - 3

BTW I passed the Google job interview. I haven't gone through the offer process yet and I'm not sure that I'll accept it, but I'm happy to have passed the test. I was a little worried cuz I didn't think I really nailed the interview, and they take a long time to respond. I'm used to interviewing at game companies where they give me a job offer the same day and beg me to start work the next day and make promises of back rubs and blow jobs. Googs definitely seems like a good place to work. I'm a little turned off by walking in and seeing the giant rooms full of cubicles and soul-crushed coders hunched over glowing screens.

I'm talking to ILM and PDI to see if there might be a fun job for me there. It seems like it could be a pretty good fit; I imagine they have some smart research guys, but I think I could bring an ability to understand practical issues and implement good technical solutions. But my background is not in film, and they don't know me, and my resume/experience doesn't impress them at all, so I get tossed in with the regular candidate pool and have to list my skills and all that junk, it's quite humbling and I'm really not used to it.

I would be taking a big pay cut & seniority cut at these places, but I'm totally fine with that as long as the work is good. The problem is it's hard to tell if the work really is good. I really don't put salary as one of the more important things about a job, I care more about what work I get to do, how cool/smart my coworkers are, how good the management is, how much freedom I have at work, etc. However, on all those criteria you will be lied to by the people trying to hire you. Salary is the only thing that you actually know for sure you will get what you are promised.

It reminds me of back in the day when I first interviewed at some game jobs, and I interviewed at Valve, and I was kind of laughing to myself inside the whole time, because I could tell the Valve guys were not really impressed with me at all, and I knew that I was a fucking code ninja and they just couldn't see it.

ps. I'm not actually as arrogant as this post makes me appear to be.

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