03-22-08 - 6

I've never presented my food well. In fact I almost intentionally present it badly, just piles of slop on an earthen plate. I feel like the food should be judged by its flavor, not the way it looks, and I'm bothered with all the amateur photographers who make mediocre food but make it look gorgeous and everyone drools over it. Of course my attitude is just retarded. I've taken a similar attitude with my personal presentation as well, my fashion & coiffure and so on. I always thought I should be judged by my actions, and not all those other trapping that people care so much about, and I rebelled against them by intentionally being frumpy. Of course that's totally retarded. People do care how the food is presented, even the smart people who mainly care about flavor, even the people that I want to impress, of course they are still affected by presentation, both subconsciously and consciously, and to intentionally flub that aspect just makes you rate lower than you deserve.

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