03-22-08 - 4

I've been doing a lot of heavy deep squatting and high box jumping recently, and my knees are happier than they've been in years. The vast majority of people make the mistake of "taking it easy" on their damaged body parts. They have iffy knees or whatever and their response is to not bend them much, never do anything too athletic with them, just not push them. That provides a temporary decrease in discomfort, but it actually makes the joint even less healthy (because it tightens up, the muscles atrophy, blood flow decreases, etc.). What you want to do is to continue to use the joint as heavily as possible, but without aggravating it. You achieve that through controlled stresses.

Addendum : on the other hand I'm a retard and just moved my bed around by myself. That's a good example of a non-controlled stress which can suddenly put excessive forces on body parts that aren't well suited to it.

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