03-21-08 - 2

Fucking hell. My new neighbor that just moved in has some job where she wakes up at 5 AM and gets ready then goes out slamming the front door, starts up her car and drives off around 6 AM. I know all the details because I sit there in misery listening to each sound and watching the clock tick by. Fucking people should not be allowed to live in my building if they keep fucked hours like that.

In other "this fucking building sucks and I know more about my neighbors than I want" , I talked to the boyfriend of Slutty Girl. He seems like a really sweet intelligent guy and it's made me feel even worse about the situation. I also found out more about the story. They've been dating a while. They met up in the wine country when they were both living there. He owns a house up there somehow and they lived together there. They just got bored and decided to get an apartment in the city here, but he still owns the house and goes up there a few days each week, which is why he's often not here. She got a job here and stays in the city all week. Now it all makes sense; almost every day when he goes back out to the country, she has some random guy over. It's so disturbing. I guess part of what disturbs me so much is that the boyfriend is a lot like me, sort of naive and trusting and easily run over, and Slutty Girl would seem totally normal if I didn't know about her secret life. Any of my past or future girlfriends could be just like her, and I'd never know.

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