03-20-08 - 5

Dan never screwed the cap back on the toothpaste after using it. I never said anything; I mean I specifically chose not to complain about it; I feel like I tend to be that jerk who has to have everything his way and is constantly it pointing out when you do something in a way that I consider the wrong way, and it just gets really annoying to live with me because I'm always nagging about something. So I try to stop myself from being that guy. Some things that matter (like don't use my good chef's knife on any surface but woood) I will nag about but other things that I decide I can let slide (like the cap on the toothpaste) I try to just not say anything about. But the truth is it always bugged me. Every time I walked into the bathroom and saw the cap off the toothpaste it felt like a finger poking me in the ribs. I would often screw the cap on myself. And now that Dan is gone, it's one of the odd little things that I'm happy about. Ahh, every time I walk into the bathroom the cap is on the toothpaste. So relaxing. BTW I've learned absolutely nothing from this anecdote.

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