03-19-08 - 1

Went to Briones park today; put some pictures up in my Flickr. It was pretty wonderful. Read real descriptions here : Gambolin & Kevin . I got kind of lost and accidentally did a 12 mile loop instead of 7 miles. Oops. Also I did a clean box jump onto the back of a bench and stuck the balance which was pretty sweet. There's lots of big meadows and hills there that you can just wander around off the trails. I wouldn't go there any time but spring, though.

I was trying to think of what hikes or natural things I really need to do while it's still lovely spring time. Down in San Luis Obispo the spring is really the only amazing time of year and the rest of the time it's kind of shitty. Up here that's not so true, the redwood parks are better in summer, there's not really a big green flush and wildflower bloom up here. Maybe I'll try to get down to Sunol Wilderness or Henry Coe, but they're so far from the city. Actually San Bruno Mountain right here is really nice in spring, I should try to do that before it gets dry.

I'd never been out the 24 there before. The little pocket around Orinda to Lafayette is really gorgeous, rolling hills and lots of greenery. I'm sure it's full of fucking disgusting tech company yuppie types with their knobby tired self-balancing strollers and biodegradable SUV's. But BART goes right through there which would make it a pretty sweet place to live when I'm old and married.

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