03-12-08 - 3

My resume' really doesn't look that hot. If you just saw it and didn't know me, you would never hire me. I'm pretty much relying on my rep in the industry, which is still pretty decent, but I think I'm fucked for jobs that aren't somehow connected to games. For one thing I have the big gap for the last 3 years, but even before that it looks like I moved around a lot. I really didn't move around that much, there are things like Eclipse->Wild Tangent which is the same company, and then there were part time and summer jobs when I was a kid, and then I was at Oddworld a long time, until they closed, but if you look at the resume there are all these 3-6 months stints and it looks like I don't stick it out when times are tough. The only place I really bailed on was Surreal because it was a total disaster.

Also as usual I've timed things to be at exactly the wrong phase of the economy. Yay me.

Also I'm not sure who to use as a reference. Past employers are meh. I guess I'll just use past coworkers and general game industry people.

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