03-12-08 - 2

My left shoulder is pretty much painless & has full mobility, but there's a weird loud pop that it makes in some movements. I've been reading up on symptoms and I think I may have a torn labrum (probably a SLAP), which would fit with the mode of injury (falling on outstretched arm). I've learned that arms are fucking lame and if you're falling, don't try to stop your fall by putting out your hand, just take the impact with your face, you'll take less damage. Of course the treatment for a SLAP is probably nothing.

I've been making myself go out to cafes a bit to read & write just so I'm not sitting alone in my house all the time. I fucking hate it. In general I hate all these "activities" that people do which are basically just leaving home to sit around or stand around somewhere else. If I'm gonna be doing nothing, I'd rather be at home where I can get naked and browse the internet and watch TV and dance around and cook. If I'm gonna have all the trouble and pain of leaving home, I wanna fucking do something. Let's build a fort from cardboard boxes, or paint graffiti, or practice cheerleader routines, or get naked and have a feather tickling fight, or fucking something, anything.

My computer has started doing some of those weird awful things that inevitably happens to Windows if you use it a lot. Like sometimes I'll hit standby and the machine will just seem to lock up for 5 minutes and then eventually do it. WTF Windows.

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