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Netflix Prize notes , Part 5 : References

Links :

Torch3 The Dream Comes True
TinySVM Support Vector Machines
The SMILES System
The Robotics Institute
The OC1 decision tree software system
TANAGRA - A free DATA MINING software for teaching and research
tan classifier - Google Search
SVM-Light Support Vector Machine
SVM Page of Keerthi's Group at NUS, Singapore
Support Vector Machines Platt
Support vector machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Supervised Learning and Data Mining (Tom Dietterich)
Slope One Predictors for Online Rating-Based Collaborative Filtering
Singular value decomposition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Singhi papers
Rapid - I - Home
Radford Neal's Home Page
Publications, Roman Lutz
Problems of the multivariate statistical analysis
Principal components analysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Predictive complexity
Performance Prediction Challenge Results
Penn Data Mining Group Publications
PDP++ Home Page
PCP - Pattern Classification Program
PB NNets
Nonlinear Estimation
Neural Networks & Connectionist Systems
Neural Network FAQ, part 5 of 7 Free Software
Neural Network FAQ, part 2 of 7 Learning
Netflix Update Try This at Home
Netflix Challenge
Moonflare Code Neural Network
MLIA Technical Papers
Michael Pazzani Publications on Machine Learning, Personalization, KDD and Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning and Applied Statistics - Home
LSI - Latent Semantic Indexing Web Site
Linear discriminant analysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
LIBSVM -- A Library for Support Vector Machines
Learning with Kernels
LAPACK++ Linear Algebra Package in C++
Kernel Machines
Keerthi npa
Joone - Java Object Oriented Neural Engine
Introduction to Radial Basis Function Networks
Independent component analysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Huan Liu
Geoffrey E. Hinton's Publications in reverse chronological order
Fast Artificial Neural Network Library
FANN Creation-Execution - Fast Artificial Neural Network Library (FANN)
ensembles decision trees - Google Search
Decision Trees
Decision tree - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DBLP Gavin C. Cawley
Data Mining (36-350) Lecture Notes, Weeks 4--7
CS540 Fall 2005 Lectures
Collaborative Filtering Resources
Collaborative Filtering Research Papers
CiteULike bpacker's library
Chris Burges's Publications
Ben Marlin - Research
Balaji Krishnapuram
Atkeson Local Learning
Amazon.com The Elements of Statistical Learning Books T. Hastie,R. Tibshirani,J. H. Friedman
Aldebaro's publications
- Netflix Prize Home

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