03-10-08 - 1

The sad thing is the work you get to do as a game programmer might be the best programming work in the world. The community of game programmers is great, they share information and help each other and are all good guys, it's very different than most industries, or even academia, which is super secretive and cut-throat and full of pompous jerks. When I say "game programming" people who don't know think that it's awful work, because they just know about the hundreds of bums doing gameplay code for EA. That's not what game programming is to me. Game programming is super cutting edge virtual world simulation and large database manipulation that has to be done on limited CPUs and memory. You get to do graphics, lighting, physics, collision, spatial indexes, animation, locomotion & motion synthesis, advanced AI, etc. etc. all these things at the absolute cutting edge and with hard efficiency problems. It's really super fun work.

Is there a way I could work on game technology stuff and not actually be making a game? (I've heard bad things about most of the game engine companies too)

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