03-08-08 - 4

Fucking Google Product search is so useless. If you just search for products half the results are fucking patents, the other half are fucking epinions pages, and the rest are fucking sold in the UK. I need a double shoulder support like this for use in sports, not one of the Thermoskin fucking things for warmth that google keeps telling me about. But I need one that's sold in the US cuz those UK prices are not good for me. I'm convinced I have some severe shoulder disfunction and I need to wear something like this even to walk around the neighborhood safely.

I also don't know who to see about these fucking shoulders. Something is wrong with me, but nobody can fix it. The orthopedic surgeons take one look and go "no surgery" and then don't do anything else cuz that's all they know. The physical therapists say "do these exercises" and I do them and nothing changes. Fuck. The chiropractor says I have nerve impingement preventing energy from going to the shoulders, but he's a fucking quack that's inventing causes to match the symptoms.

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