03-08-08 - 3

Hello, I'm a girl that thinks she's way too good for you. My favorite things are cuddling and puppies and my friends. I spend my free time drinking beers with my roommates at the park. I'm not remarkably attractice and I don't really work out. I love Will Farrell and Kate Winslet and Pan's Labrynth. I think saving the earth is so important, I have an eco yoga mat. I'm a passionate liberal but I don't actually know anything about current events or history. I don't really have any skills and work as a receptionist or waitress. I'd like to be a writer/artist/musician but I don't really spend any time working on that, I just imagine it's going to somehow magically happen some day. I've got tons of student loan debt that I'm not paying off. I claim that I can cook but that pretty much tops out at scrambled eggs. I am so unique and special!! Some day a handsome prince is going to whisk me out of this life and treat me like I deserve.

(disclaimer : this is really not about anyone in my past, it's what I imagine all the girls that walk by are thinking)

I have no respect for these girls who have nothing to offer but think they deserve the best. Ideally great people get great people and losers get losers. Of course that doesn't happen reliably, and I'm not quite sure where I fit in that anyway; I swing between thinking I'm a fucking god and deserve the best, and thinking I'm a huge loser and should be happy if I ever find anyone again.

addendum : Obviously everybody want to feel like they're special, but lots of people take it much farther and imagine that they're super stars, that they deserve worship and attention and so on. Even people who know rationally that they don't want to be treated like stars by their friends and lovers. I'm not really down for that. I don't care to be treated like a VIP, I'd rather just stay with the normal people, and I don't need a big fancy life, just a little corner of happiness would be just fine. I'm also not down for helping other people feel special who obviously aren't.

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