03-02-08 - 1

I think when I get a job I will release the full source code for my poker apps, since at that point I won't care any more if it gets out and my accounts get locked and the games get ruined. If the high stakes poker guys only knew what I had they should pay me millions to NOT release my code. I wonder if there could be any way that I'm liable for breach of the terms of service with the poker sites. Most of them are offshore entities that are illegal in the US so I don't think they can practically come after me. I might need to investigate that a bit more.

To be clear, I personally never used my apps to make money, other than a form of HUD just like PokerAce. The apps were sort of fun research projects & something I considered selling. When I played high stakes I just played with my brain. What always concerned me is what other less scrupulous people might do with the apps, which is why I never released them.

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