03-01-08 - 6

I've been thinking of going to therapy but I can't imagine that it will help. For one thing I know various people in therapy and they don't seem to really be improving the way they live. For another I'm plenty introspective already, I don't need somebody to dig out what's wrong with me, I pretty much know it.

The whole "don't care what other people think" prescription is completely inane. Of course you should care what other people think. People who don't are called sociopaths. Well then, "don't let it bother you when you're rejected or laughed at". Of course it should bother you. It's one of the worst insults anyone can give you. Getting love and approval from other humans is one of our strongest happiness triggers, of course getting shut down or put down should hurt immensely. You can make it not hurt by closing off and not feeling anything, but that's not an improvement. In general there's this spectrum that you can either be really emotionally exposed and react to everything, or you can totally shut down and not feel anything. Both ends of the spectrum suck. I believe it's a fallacy that you can somehow be open to feeling the positives and yet not care about the negatives, they necessarilly come together.

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