03-01-08 - 5

San Francisco is the best clubbing city in the US, by far, by really far. I've heard good things about clubs in foreign lands but nothing comes close here. There a several venues that are just the right size IMO, big enough dance floors (eg. not just bars), but not super huge, I don't like those giant factory clubs. There are lots of great sound systems, partly from the Burning Man influence which creates lots of high tech resident DJ groups here. There are plenty of clubs that are totally devoid of the whole velvet rope bottle service pretentious nonsense scene which totally ruins places like Vegas and Miami IMO. There are also plenty of clubs that don't have a strong pickup scene, where the people just want to have fun and dance which is nice, which also means you can avoid the whole popped-collar cruising guy crowd.

I kind of like going out dancing alone, cuz it means I can cruise around and dance with anyone. As much as I enjoy going with a girlfriend, you do get kind of bored of dancing with the same person all night if it's like 4 hours or more. I guess going out with guy friends would be even better cuz you don't dance with each other and you can chat if you want, but I've never known guys cool enough to do that without totally bringing me down and making me feel repressed. I do wish there was like a form I could sign to swear that I'm not cruising for chicks, and then I'd get a special hat or something that lets them know I just wanna dance and they can relax and stop playing stupid games.

The ideal thing would be to go with a girl but then be able to mingle and trust each other and come back to each other frequently. It's unlikely I'll ever be with a girl that would really be okay with that, and even if I was I doubt I would really be okay with it unless she handled herself just right.

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