02-27-08 - 5

Things I wanted to do while on "sabbatical" :

1. Drive around the US and camp and hike. Did it, but did it much faster than I dreamed. Got bored and came home.

2. Travel, to South America and South East Asia. Didn't do it. Couldn't find anyone to go with and didn't want to go alone.

3. Get back in shape, in particular work on my back/neck/posture/etc which was in serious trouble when Oddworld closed. Sort of did it, though wound up spending most of my time and energy on shoulder rehab which is still fucked. My back/neck was way better for a while when I was off the computer, but I've wound up spending a ton of time sitting at the computer again and those problems come right back.

4. Play team sports. Didn't do it.

5. Be more social / work on getting out of my shell. Made some serious effort at the beginning but failed and gave up. Regressed completely with Dan.

6. Make an indie game or some kind of other fun software project for profit. Didn't do it. Made a few little aborted attempts but never thought of a game that I actually wanted to make.

7. Get better at poker and try to beat the highest levels. Mmmm.. never really did this the way I wanted, partly because I was spending a lot of energy on Dan and for me anyway it's impossible to get to the highest levels and have a relationship at the same time. I did play and beat 2000 NL online, which is pretty good, so we'll call this "sort of done".

8. Try some other careers to see how I would like them - like being a chef, a farmer, a journalist. Didn't do it. I did cook more but that counts for nothing. I also wrote some articles to submit to editors to try to get a writing job, but never actually submitted any of them.

9. Have lots of sex with different girls. I never really had a partying / screwing around phase, since I was working on software pretty much full time all through college, in addition to lots of extracuricular physics work. This has never been anything that I really wanted to do, but what annoys me is that I always have the thought somewhere in the back of my head that I didn't do it, so I wanted to do it just so that thought would go away and stop taking up brain space. Didn't do it.

10. Learn to play guitar. Made a few half hearted attempts. Failed.

11. Learn to make music on the computer with some kind of tracker thingy. Spent a few hours on this a few times and was flummoxed by how unusable these apps are. I actually started this again in the last few days, but it' still a "Didn't Do" at the moment.

12. Figure out what's going to make me happy and how I should spend the rest of my life. Didn't do it.

13. Be a really great boyfriend for Dan and succeed in having a healthy open relationship. Didn't do it.

Addendum : I know potential employers are reading this garbage brain dump of mine at the moment so I should note the thing I actually did accomplish was writing a bunch of code. Some stuff I did :

	Netflix Prize - a machine learning application on a huge dataset
	Guitar tuner - developed an unusually accurate and stable pitch detector
	Image doubler - in progress work on maximum likelihood super-resolution inference
	Sports bettor - solve sparse matrices and use machine learning to automate bets
	Limit poker bot - developed a Bayesian limit bot, as well as an anti-TTH perfect simulator
	Poker site helper app - developed for potential sale, learned win32 hooking
	Short stack poker bot - developed optimal game theory solution for simplified NLHE

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