02-27-08 - 4

My blog has always been a totally inappropriate combination of technical and personal. I guess that's what made it somewhat interesting back in the day, though this style is totally ordinary now. Actually writing interesting personal things is becoming more and more difficult. When I started, the internet was a much smaller place. Pretty much only highly technical people were on the net then, eg. none of my family or girlfriends or their families. I could write about my personal life without it coming back to hurt the people around me. My own inclination is to be completely honest all the time, I'm not really embarassed of anything in my life, I would rather just write about everything, but people around me wouldn't understand and would take things the wrong way, and unfortunately I have to worry a bit about people's feelings. Despite how it may seem I actually think about other people's feelings a lot; I think of tons of stuff I would love to write about, because it's interesting and amusing, but stop myself or delete it for the sake of others.

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