02-22-08 - 2

Yes, yes, I really am looking for a full time job ; I keep telling people this but they don't believe me. Yes I really want to go to work and write code. I realized a little while ago that I was basically working full time writing code anyway, so I may as well get paid for it. Plus I miss having other people to work with.

No, head-hunters that does not mean you should send me all the shit jobs you're trying to staff. I'm still not looking for anything awful. Game company jobs in general don't appeal to me that much; the management is too shitty, I don't want to get involved in another badly run disaster where I have to work my butt of and don't make any money. I want to ideally work on interesting things where I can write fun code, either at a big safe corporation or a tiny tiny place with friends. I don't want a management job or anything with a lot of friction and non-technical headaches. I'd love to be able to just write interesting code and work with smart people.

I'm gonna be talking to Google and NVidia ; if you have any other good suggestions that fit the bill let me know.

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