02-22-08 - 1

Bleck I'm being such a retard about working out and the worst thing is I know it. I'm lifting pretty hard, but I'm just not eating enough, and I can't add muscle unless I eat more. My bodyfat% is already super low and it's just not possible to put on more muscle at my bodyweight. I really want some more shoulder muscle to protect my injuries but it's not gonna happen unless I add 500 cals a day or so. The problem is my stomach tells me to stop eating and I listen to it; partly it's all the years of trying to eat right and stay lean, it goes against all my instincts to force myself to overeat. I mean, I have no problem overeating once in a while for special occasions, but that isn't what I need, I need to slightly overeat every day, and it's really hard. In the mean time all this working out is pretty much completely pointless because I'm not providing the fuel to create new muscle.

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