02-13-08 - 3

It's so hard to find good people to play board games with. They can't be too geeky, you have to be able to talk about things outside of games, cuz the actual game isn't that fun it's just a venue for socializing. On the other hand, they have to be smart enough to play well or it just feels pointless. They also have to be smart enough and sharp enough to move really quickly. Most board games are just excruciatingly boring if people take too long, or aren't even paying attention to say they don't realize it's their turn. Sometimes I wind up turning into the "Dealer", going "okay it's your turn now, okay that's what you do? you're done? okay next person", which is not really a good spot to be in, it makes you an asshole and means you can't chitchat at all yourself, but god damn people when it's your turn you just FUCKING GO, and then you can go back to chit-chatting when you've made your move. Most board games are super high variance and also quite shallow. They're much more fun if you treat them as a quick semi-random match, and play over and over quickly.

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