02-07-08 - 1

Went skiing the last few days. WTF is up with Truckee? First of all, TRAFFIC CIRCLES !? I actually think traffic circles are generally superb and good for traffic, but Americans are retarded around them, and to have a tourist town that's a winter destination with icy roads covered with traffic circles is so insane. Second, when did the downtown area get all fancy? I remember Truckee as a total trashy mountain town but now there's this strip of Aveda spas and all that kind of yuppie shit. Bah humbug. The skiing was mostly pretty great.

This image doubling thing I'm thinking about is mostly called "Super Resolution" in the literature (all 2 papers). I hope that name doesn't stick. There is a rather seperate thing which is also called "Super Resolution", which is creating hi res images from crappy video sequences. It seems to be further along in development. Sina Farsiu has good papers on the video kind of super resolution. There's even a free research application called MDSP that does video super-resolution.

It's funny that this kind of video resolution enhancement was being done in the movies way before it was actually being done on computers in real life. I mean, it's no surprise that movies made up semi-sciency mumbojumbo for plot purposes, what's funny is they got it almost exactly right, and I'm sure most computer people at the time knew it was a totally reasonable thing to do, it just hadn't really been fully worked out yet. Unfortunately for all the replicant hunters out there, we still haven't perfected the zooming around the corner technology.

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