02-04-08 - 2

I've got two computer problems maybe someone can help me with.

1. "Shortcut Keys" in Windows. I'm talking about the thing where from an app's right-click Properties dialog you can set a "Shortcut Key" and set a key combo. I use this a lot as a way to key-chord to apps. It works great except once in a while it stalls out like crazy. You hit the key combo and nothing happens, and in fact the whole taskbar becomes nonresponsive; all the other apps still respond fine, and the process monitor doesn't show any CPU spike. A minute later suddenly windows goes ahead and executes the shortcut key. Note that just switching to a macro program doesn't fix it, because the shortcut key thing is smart enough to switch you to an existing instance rather than start a new one.

2. Getting files from Perforce that don't exist. This is some problem with the VC-Perforce integration. As usual I can't get any help from either of them. This happens when you have a VC project which is under source control, but some file in the project does not exist either on your disk or in the depot. You start up VC and load the project, and VC goes into this mode "Getting files from source control" where it tries to get the file from the depot. If the file is in the depot it gets it fine, but if it's not in the depot, VC appears to hang. I've never let it sit long enough to get past this, but I've watched the disk activity while it's hung in this mode and it appears that VC is doing a recursive scan of the entire depot and touching every single file; I have no idea why it does this and I can't stop it. It's pretty fucking annoying. There is a workaround which is to open the vcproj and figure out what file is mising and make an empty file with that name or remove it from the project, but that's a pain and I'd like to just not have this stupid hang.

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